Our Story

In early 2003 / 2004, we were able to foresee that there are insufficient diagnostic tests for canine and feline viral diseases in Malaysia’s small animal clinic practice. When I was working for a veterinary trading company, we decided to import and supply test kits to the vets and that’s how we started to bring in our first ever Anigen Rapid Test Kits – Canine Parvovirus Antigen (CPV Ag), Canine Distemper Virus Antigen (CDV Ag) and Canine Heartworm Antigen (CHW Ag). The diagnostic kits took 6 years to mature and to become such an easily available kit in Malaysia.  

Today, we are able to provide chemical analyser (Vcheck Machine) for our veterinarians to diagnose more diseases. We are the first to provide a solution that follows WSAVA vaccination guideline and antibody titre testing.

We believed in accurate diagnosis followed by the right treatment. Since 2005, we had a supportive treatment for viral enteritis caused by Parvovirus and Coronavirus. Thanks to the egg yolk and IgY technology from Dong Bang company, Guardizen managed to help many pets by neutralising the virus in the intestinal tract. However, we were still thinking how can we further help the pets with the damaged intestinal lining layer? We were then connected to Entero-chronic powder from Bioiberica company that could repair the injured digestive tract. Again, a marvellous product in the early 2011 for everyone in Malaysia and more supplements to come in near future.

In 2014, we met a representative from Dechra during an International Exhibition Trade. Since then, we started to develop the business for Dermapet dermatological range, endocrinology range and as well as pharmaceutical range for them. When we work together, Dechra was at Europe, USA and Australia. Now, they have many more brands with them and we shall bring in more products to satisfy the joy of small animal medicine practice.

It is always our dream and manifesto to support all veterinary clinics who had given so much time,  passion and dedicated whole self and life selflessly to the animals. It is a promise that we had and we are marching to this day by day. We have to thank all of you who had supported us all along.




The First canine and feline quantitative cardiac diagnostic marker to advocate heart health screening to detect early stage cardiac disorder

Dechra Pharmaceuticals

Thyforon, Vetoryl, Felimazole, Cardisure – “The First to import registered veterinary metabolic disorder medicines”

Framixin, Framixin H - “The First to advocate and provide solutions for recurrent bacterial opthalmological and otological cases”

Antibody Titre Test Kits

“The First to advocate WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines by providing quantitative value of antibody titre against core vaccine viruses in dogs and cats”


“Adhesive toothpaste for dogs & cats”


Dermatology Shampoo Range

“ The First to promote Antibiotic Free Holistic dermatological solutions”

Vcheck V200

Vcheck machine – Immunofluorescent Analyzer for Companion Animals

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) - “The First quantitative real-time inflammation marker in Malaysia”

Pancreatitic Lipase (cPL / fPL) - “The First canine and feline quantitative pancreatitis diagnostic marker”


“Would healing treatment to reduce dependency on povidone-iodine”

Pro Enteric

“Triple solution for acute diarrhoea”


“Comprehensive liver supplement”

Anigen Rapid Test Kits

“The First to bring in South Korea Anigen Rapid Tests to Malaysia"

"The First to make diagnostic tests affordable for all pet owners”


“A new, safe and effective alternative for treating chronic and/or recurrent diarrhoea”

Univerm Total

 “Broad spectrum anthelmintic”

Our Purpose

Enhance the health and well-being of companion animals.

Our Mission

Provide a variety of high quality and safest supplements and health care products.

Our Vision

The largest and the most sincere contributor towards a world of healthier companion animals.

Our Core Values

  • Vitality
  • Efficient
  • Teamwork
  • Caring & Competency
  • Accomplishment
  • Reliable and Respect
  • Enthusiasm



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